Lōkahi Continues Strong Performance in Second Race of 2024 Season 🫶

Lōkahi Continues Strong Performance in Second Race of 2024 Season 🫶
Island to Island Race 2024

Aloha Lōkahi ʻohana!

The excitement continues as we wrap up the second long-distance race of the 2024 season. Our paddlers once again demonstrated their dedication and skill, achieving impressive results at the Island to Island race held on Saturday, 30th March.


🥇Traditional Iron Male 40+: Our iron man 40+ team (Jayson Antonio, Michael Hoenig, Tyler McMahon, Sal Nicosia, Greg Phillipy, Joey Unpingco) put forth a phenomenal effort, securing a first place finish with a time of 01:07:47. Their strong start and consistent pace, culminated powerful finish at the fourth place overall.

🥈Unlimited Iron Male Open: The iron man open team faced tough competition but persevered to achieve a second place finish, both in their division and the overall long course race. Their teamwork and resilience, were truly inspiring.

Long Course (approx. 6 miles): Ocean start to Magic Island and back, around big channel last red buoy, finish at Olelo site.
Island to Island race - long course

🥇Unlimited Iron Female 40+: Our amazing iron women over 40 (Chloe Heiniemi, Michelle Maeda, Kelly McCall, Melisa Piriyakarnjanakul, Katie Sadowski, Esther Widiasih) showed their strength and determination, conquering the challenging course and finishing first in their division! Their dedication to training and unwavering spirit are truly inspiring.

🥈Traditional Iron Female Open: Our iron women in the open division battled fiercely against tough competition, ultimately securing a strong second-place finish. Their teamwork and resilience were evident throughout the race, and we are incredibly proud of their accomplishment.

👏Traditional Iron Mixed Novice: Our novice paddlers in the mixed division embraced the challenge of the Island to Island race with incredible enthusiasm. They finished in seventh place, gaining valuable experience and showcasing their commitment to learning and growing in the sport.

Short Course (approx. 4 miles): Ocean start to Kewalo and back, around big channel last red buoy, finish at Olelo site.
Island to Island - short course

👏Koa Junior Division: Our young paddlers in the Koa Junior division tackled the short course with impressive energy and spirit. Finishing 54th and 55th out of 55 teams, they demonstrated their passion for paddling and their potential for future success. We are excited to see their continued growth and development in the sport.

Keiki Course (approx. 1 mile): Start at Olelo site, down to the sand bar and back.

Beyond the Results

While we celebrate the achievements of our top finishers, we are equally proud of every Lōkahi paddler who participated in the race. The commitment to training, the spirit of camaraderie, and the unwavering support for one another truly embody the Lōkahi spirit.


We extend our deepest gratitude to our coaches, volunteers, and supporters. Your dedication and encouragement are crucial to the success of our paddlers.

Looking Ahead

With two strong races under our belts, Lōkahi is poised for an exciting season. We are eager to continue building on our progress and showcasing the power of Lōkahi on the water.

E hoʻomau i ka hoʻomaikaʻi! (Continue to strive for excellence!)